Title Insurance

Buying real property is one of the single largest financial investments one can make. The primary purpose of title insurance is to eliminate risk and prevent loss caused by defects in title. While there should be no risks of purchasing or transferring property, risks do exist. Property ownership can come with some unexpected developments and additional ownership rights that may burden a particular piece of real estate which can cloud or limit ownership rights. The title insurance process helps reduce title risks that may appear and protects against loss when ownership is directly challenged. Protecting your property rights is our priority.

Title Review

The title review process is designed to catch any title risks prior to closing. Skilled title professionals review and examine available public records to determine risks that appear in the chain of title. Although it is extremely detail oriented work, the title review process puts together the chain of title and reviews all records such as judgments, liens, taxes, mortgages, easements, and other issues that may affect ownership. Certain transactions require additional reviews such as zoning, location, surveys, and more. If a title issue appears that may affect ownership interests, our professionals evaluate the issue in light of their extensive real property law experience to determine how the issue can best be resolved or insure against the identified risk.

Once the process above is determined to be final, the transaction can move towards closing and a policy of title insurance is issued insuring your ownership and/or investment interest in the property.

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